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About us

Qualified Nursing Professionals

Our team offers in-service programs to meet your educational needs at a fraction of the cost of a full-time salary.

With more than 45 years of educational and clinical experience, we provide advice and training to the community, organizations, and schools to promote the delivery of excellent nursing care according to current state and national standards.

We value an individual’s right to succeed and continue to grow through learning opportunities and believe all healthcare delivery should be current, accountable, and compassionate.

Our experienced team can help you:

  • Review and critique nursing skills to ensure competent care, according to the national patient safety standards.
  • Simulate scenarios for accreditation and inspection requirements.
  • Refresh and re-examine observation skills (CNA) and assessment skills (LPN/RN).
  • Introduce/review critical thinking skills to determine the appropriate level of nursing actions.
  • Review clear and timely communication skills as a team member.
  • Recall and review accurate documentation.
  • Review and analyze leadership skills.
  • Update and review legal and ethical practice in nursing care (i.e. HIPAA).

Nursing Education Resource Group, LLC strives to present the most up to date education and Clinical Practices. Our organization will develop an education program for your facility.  Yearly competencies and clinical skills reviews and ck offs, will be arranged per your request and needs.  Also, we provide half day or all day in-services, covering a variety of subjects.  This would include pharmacology, a review of anatomy & physiology, medication administration with Medicare guidelines, and  JAHCO patient safety requirements.

I accompanied my husband to the physicians’ office, during the visit he received 2 injections. As I observed and noted 6 “blaring” mistakes!  Perhaps this nurse had forgotten the general rules for administrating injections. This is a prime example of much-needed education, to be reinforced.  Are you aware that Medicare has redefined the med administration for Peg tubes? Our nursing group will meet your educational needs. Ethics in today’s world is very important in the medical field.  One of our consultants is certified in ethics. Providing any ethical issues, such as   “Ethics in the Workplace.” Along with this important subject is covered Documentation. Our health attorney presents a very interesting session about Immediate Jeopardy and Medicare / Medicaid changes.

We offer a variety of flexible, affordable courses to suit your needs.

Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

  • Ethics
  • Documentation
  • Anatomy & Physiology Review
  • Disease Processes
  • Pharmacology
  • Ostomy
  • Wounds
  • Simulation
  • Clinical Skills Review
  • Respiratory Review & Equipment
  • Dementia & Alzheimers